Adopted Girls' Peer Support Group


This group is for girls ages 12-16 who are beginning to think about their adoption, including the losses they have experienced. At times, girls might have a number of different feelings about adoption, including sadness, confusion, anger, shame, loneliness, guilt and grief.

Many adopted girls have a hard time putting these painful feelings into words, tend to censor themselves with adoptive parents and friends, and feel very alone with the hard parts of being an adoptee. In this group, girls will find a strong sense of belonging amongst others who truly "get it."  

Who belongs in this group?

  • Adopted girls who are between the ages of 12-16 (or similar emotional/social age)

  • Girls who feel ready to start exploring their adoption 

  • Girls who might also be coping with anxiety, depression, or difficulty making and keeping friends** 


  • A new group will form after at least 5 girls join the mailing list.

  • Group will take place 2-4x month, time and day TBD based on participants' availability.

  • We will use fun trust-building activities, expressive arts activities, letter writing, and group conversations to process adoption-related issues. We may have the occasional visit from an adult adoptee who will share her story and inspire girls with the courage and strength to get through the hard times.

Join the list by contacting Danielle:



**Please note, this group is not a substitute for individual therapy. Each family will be interviewed to make sure this group is a match for their daughter's needs.