Intensive Educational Assessments

When your young student is receiving many calls home, referrals and red cards, poor report cards, difficulty focusing or engaging appropriately with peers, etc., it can be hard to know how to support positive changes. Teachers often want to know, "How should we handle it when. . . ?"

Intensive educational assessments are designed to answer this question, attending to the deeper underlying issues that may be driving difficult behaviors and underachievement.

During an intensive educational assessment: 

  • I discreetly follow your student through several academic subjects and less structured social times (lunch, recess)

  • I will speak directly with teachers and other school professionals for their perspective

  • I may spend some time talking with your student directly or sitting beside them, noticing their learning style and way of approaching academic work

  • I may review any psychological evaluations, IEPs, Functional Behavioral Assessments, 504 plans, and/or IQ testing

Following this deep assessment process, I will meet with parents and/or school professionals to provide insight into your student's strengths and needs. Together we will develop a plan of intervention which may include differentiation of academic material or style of learning, specialized tutoring, behavioral supports, occupational therapy, counseling, supportive and strategic extracurriculars, and/or grade acceleration.

Although I am open to assessing any student PreK-5th grade, I have particular expertise in working with gifted (high IQ) and twice exceptional students, students with behavioral concerns, autistic students and those with trauma and attachment-related problems in a school setting.

School does not have to be a battleground! Don't just "get through the next few months of school"- for a child, even a month is a lifetime, and school is where they spend more than half of their waking day. These early years of your child's life are when they develop a love of learning and a positive sense of self. Let's work together to make the most of this precious time and set your child up for a lifetime of success!