How much will this cost?

My fee for counseling is $125 per regular, 50-minute session. I accept check, credit card or HSA, at the time of your appointment. I am also in-network with BCBS insurance.

Theraplay-based services are billed at $150 per 45-minute session. A complex initial assessment is required for this type of therapy and costs $375 for 90-120 minutes of sessions and 60 minutes of videotape analysis. Theraplay-based services are not insurance reimbursable.

If you are hoping to schedule professional consultation, training, workshops, or an educational assessment, please contact me directly for rates.


Do you accept insurance?

I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). It is your responsibility to verify your benefits prior to our first session. I will supply a list of questions to ask your BCBS representative to make sure our work together is covered by your plan, and you aren't left with the bill.

For all other insurance plans, I'm considered "out-of-network." In this case, you would pay my full fee upfront, mail your insurance company my monthly statements (Superbills), and your insurance company will reimburse you directly, based on the details of your plan. Again, you will need to call your company, and I can help you with this fairly simple process.

I do not bill insurance or provide Superbills for Theraplay-based work, but you are welcome to use your HSA card, if applicable.


How long will this take?

My main goal is to work myself out of a job as soon as possible. That being said, I encourage families in crisis to plan for at least 3-6 months' worth of weekly sessions, as I rarely see sustainable progress happen in less time. 

In my experience, the biggest predictor of how long therapy will take is the family's level of commitment to consistent attendance, follow through on recommendations, and overall investment in this process.


I can't afford this, but my child needs help. What are my options?

If your child has insurance that will help you pay for therapy, you can easily find an "in-network" therapist by searching by your insurance provider on Psychology Today's website or by contacting your insurance company directly for a list of providers.

If your child doesn't have insurance (or there are no providers accepting the insurance plan you have, or your co-pay is unaffordable, or your deductible hasn't been met), I recommend becoming a member of Open Path Psychotherapy Collective for a one-time fee of $49. If you can afford $30-50 per session, this is an amazing option as many wonderful therapists in Asheville participate. 

If $30-50/week is not manageable, call The Asheville Center for Contemplative Psychotherapy Community Clinic or All Souls Counseling Centerwhere you can find support based directly on your financial need.

The point here is: Lack of funds is no reason to forgo therapy for your child! Keep looking and keep asking until you find what you need.