You would go to the ends of the earth for your child

. . . but sometimes, it feels like your child is pushing you off the ends of the earth!



When your child is having a hard time, everybody has an opinion on how to help. You've probably tried a lot of things already: time-outs, sticker charts, privileges, consequences, maybe even going gluten-free, trying medication, or changing schools. You've given these issues everything you have, but nothing seems to work. Despite all this effort on your end, your child continues to push you away, misbehave, and suffer. You're exhausted, and yet you won't give up. You can't. This is your child: the absolute center of your emotional world.

You have this beautiful vision of your child healthy, happy, and thriving. Able to take in your support, nurturing, and guidance. Enjoying their friendships and blossoming at school. Your instincts aren't wrong: Things can be different for your family!