Flexible Rescheduling

I understand that family life can be busy and filled with curve-balls, yet at the same time, you want your child’s health and happiness back as soon as possible!

Cancellations interrupt the momentum of treatment and delay our progress. Because of this, I do not waive session fees for missed appointments for any reason.

Instead, I have a flexible rescheduling policy. This means that you can cancel an appointment at any time (including the very last minute) and schedule a “make-up session” for the week before, the week of, or the week after your absence. If your missed session is not rescheduled within the 3-week window, you will be charged full fee.

For added convenience and flexibility:

  • You’ll have access to my online calendar where you can check my availability and move any appointment with a few clicks

  • You’ll have the option to substitute in-person sessions for Telehealth sessions (via video software) if you need to do some of your sessions remotely

  • You’ll have 2 “freebies” per calendar year; Freebies allow you to cancel an appointment without rescheduling or being charged, and can be used whenever you like

Office Closures

You will never be charged for sessions missed due to emergent or planned office closures (of course!)

Out of respect for your family, I give as much notice as possible regarding office closures. I want you to be able to plan your life, and I know that surprises aren’t great for many of the children I see.

My office will be closed the following days during the 2019-2020 school year:

  • 9/10-9/19/2019

  • 11/27- 11/28/2019 (Thanksgiving Holiday)

  • 12/20/2019-1/1/2020 (This covers most of Winter Break for all Asheville City Schools, The New Classical Academy, Odyssey School, Carolina Day School, Franklin School of Innovation & Rainbow Community School)

  • 4/6-4/9/2020 (This covers Spring Break for all Asheville City Schools, The New Classical Academy, Franklin School of Innovation & Odyssey School)

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